Massage Matrix RI of Scituate Rhode Island 


Hello to all my friends, visitors, present and future clients,

    My new name (since my marriage of 9/2015) is Marie-Rose Cappuccio-Bisshopp. Yes it is indeed a long one. One that I am proud of in any case.  I am the owner of Massage Matrix RI and the sole therapist.  I am a graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy at their Newington campus. I am certified through the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

For more than 36 years I have studied Holistic Health and Wellness practices. These are my standards and my way of life. I hold a diploma (1994) in Fitness and Nutrition and am continuing my education in Holistic practices with the New Eden School of Holistic and Herbal Studies.  Soon to be a Holistic Practitioner by degree.

     I am an avid motorcyclist and do enjoy all 7 of my bikes.  There are some for street, dirt and racing.  During the season my husband and I will road race with the United States Classic Racing Association. I do take time for my herb, vegetable, and perennial gardens as well as a few fruit trees. I enjoy my stationary bike with my morning e-mail and make time for a little weight training and pilates/yoga before work and the adventures of the day. Walking, hiking and bicycling are the "never grow old" staples of life. The activities that help keep us limber, strong and manage our weight. The healthy way of life.

     I believe in all people and what they can contribute to our "ever changing" society. I value physical, mental, emotional and nutritional balance as elements of a healthy lifestyle. The complexity of the muscular system is what has defined my career choice as well as my style of practice. My integrative treatment is like no other and offers many choices to release and relax muscular tension, spasms, knots, and strained/stringy fibers. The flow is relaxing and rejuvenating as you feel the tension slip away.  Your treatment session will leave you feeling refreshed and warm. I do use a heat mat on my table as well as hot stones as necessary. (This is not the usual "hot stone" therapy that is also available at Massage Matrix RI). It is incorporated into the deep tissue and myofascial treatments as a general practice when applicable.

     I do think you would enjoy a session at this cozy office on the historic street of N. Scituate, RI

     I look forward to hearing from you soon and do appreciate you visiting the website 

     Have a very nice day,

     Marie-Rose CLMT